My friend, are you asking me if I know The LARPifiers?

Let me tell you a little story...
The truth is, roleplaying games in general, like everything, came to Greece two decades later than the rest of the world. We had our first tabletop games somewhere in the 90s, and while the Live Action Variety also came around the end of the millennium, until 2015, despite the hard work and dedication of several people, most remained fairly underground (figuratively... and often literally, hosted in game store basements).

To paraphrase, the best sci-fi series of all times, "It was the year everything changed. The year is 2015". The first ever fantasy LARP in Greece is created and after five rather tumultuous years, LARP has blossomed into a thriving scene with several hundred participants in total. Along the way however, we realized the focus of the LARP community has been tied up in long-running campaigns, and the full extent of LARPing as a method of education, social inclusion and even personal development has been neglected, save for a few experimental efforts here and there.

In 2019 with several years of organizing LARPs in our Portfolios as individuals, we decided to band together and form the LARPifiers in order to explore the potential of LARPs in education and recreation, combining it with our professional knowledge in the fields of Psychotherapy, Education and Game Design. As professionals with a new toolset, we focus on non-formal education, awareness of issues, social inclusion, personal development and training on gamification, in addition to good old-fashioned fun. And we'll do this just by playing games.

It is the year 2020. We are now an official non-profit enterprise, with participation in several European-funded projects, presence in international LARP and non-LARP conferences, and a team of professionals in complementary fields eager to create games that will change the world!

Need to contact us? Please send an e-mail to or chat with us on Facebook and we'll answer as soon as possible!