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Krakow 2021 - Dive In Partners

Dive in Manual
The manual for educators and youth workers on eduLARP

PoRtaL 9 Athens,2021 - Elektra Diakolambrianou

Developing EduLARP Methodology To Prevent Violent Radicalization –

Knutpunkt 2021, Book of Magic - Elektra Diakolambrianou

The Psychotherapeutic Magic of LARP

Knutpunkt 2021, Book of Magic - Elektra Diakolambrianou

10 +1 Tips for LARPers over 35!

PoRtaL 9, Athens - diakolambrianou, Perellis, Janczukowicz

Catch me if you can: Beyond Questionnaires

MET Conference: Neuroscience and Theater Therapy, Bucharest, Romania, May 28, 2021 - Diakolambrianou, Baird, Westborg, Bowman

This presentation from members of the Transformative Play Initiative at he Uppsala University Campus Gotland’s discusses the potential of live action role-playing games (larps) as vehicles for embodied experiential learning and therapeutic interventions.

PoRtaL 8, Zagreb - Diakolambrianou, Dallas, Bandhoesingh

LARP, Politics and Civic Engagement

PoRtaL 8 Zagreb 2020 - Elektra Diakolambrianou

LARP as a tool for personal development and Psychotherapy