Who are we?

The Psychifier preaches that LARP is inherently psychotherapeutic.
She says the same about Mexican food though

Elektra Diakolambrianou
Psychification 95%
Getting yet another degree (she swears it's the last one) 90%
Great Music Taste 85%
Shooting at People(a.k.a archery,paintball) 80%
Applications and Articles 75%
Not working on off days 30%

The Saucifier started LARPing because he loved fighting with swords.
Unfortunately, now he is stuck organizing chamber LARPs

Odysseus Dallas
Game Mechanurgy 95%
Analytical Thinking 95%
Swordifying 90%
Game Mastering 90%
Computer Science 85%
Morning Person 30%

The Storifier loves writing all kinds of stories for games
Except those that go on official applications, which she ends up doing all the time

Angie Bandhoesingh
Educator 95%
Storyfying 95%
Organization 90%
Spooks 85%
Logistics 80%
Sleep 15%

The Crucifier once decided that life wasn't providing him with enough anxiety.
He proceeded to organize LARP games, which proved to be extremely effective.

Alexandros Alexiou
Coming up with Plans 95%
Project Management 85%
Techy Stuff 80%
Game Theory 75%
Logistics 70%
Good Decisions 20%

The Fluffifier started LARPing because he wanted to meet people and learn new things.
Now he is a nihillist

Theodore Oikonomou
Fluffing up Narratives 95%
Problem Solving 95%
Documentation 90%
Management 85%
RTFMing 80%
Optimism 15%

The Pacifier keeps everyone calm...
Until she doesn't...
And then the murders begin

Eirini Charakaidi
Style 95%
Cooking 95%
Logistics 90%
Scheduling 90%
Enthusiasm 85%
Pixels in photos 30%

The Spookyfier was manufactured to consume souvlakia and the souls of his terrified enemies...
but mostly souvlakia

Konstantinos Gerakaris
Souvlaki Devourer 100%
Backstabbing Assassin 95%
Humour 90%
Graphic Design (it is his passion) 85%
Having his shit together 80%
Time 15%

The Swordifiers dedication to the LARPifiers is only matched by his love of swords.
Seriously, don't ask him about it, he won't shut up

Nikola "Lee" Sekulic
Swords, swords, swords (Don't ask about it!) 100%
Asks if you need anything or if he can help (more times than your grandma) 80%
Athletics 80%
Random animal facts 70%
Gaming 60%
Battling Greek Bureuacracy 30%

The Intensifier believes that the worlds we create with our minds are powerful. That's why she has trouble escaping them sometimes.

Katerina Zannou
Overthinker 95%
Collecting Intel / Scouting 95%
IT'S ALIVE! - but at what cost? 80%
Patient and Understanding 70%
Enjoying Misery larps 60%
Concentration 20%